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Choosing Bed Tent for Toddler Bed

Bed tent for toddler bed – As a parent you have plenty of reason to move the child to a child’s bed, for example, when she grows out of her crib, finishes kitty training and needs easy access to the bathroom, climbs out of bed during the night, or needs to provide a crib to another sibling on the road. Going from a crib to a bed is a natural transition all children go through. Choosing a toddler bed can help make the transition smoother, as you can still use its original crib mattress and bedding already known to her.


Follow your child’s developmental position to make sure he is ready for the transition to a bed tent for toddler bed from his crib. If he is almost 3 feet tall or climbs out of the crib on his own, he is probably ready. Alternatively, if he has personal achievements, he may be ready. Take your child shopping for her new “big girl” bed if her crib does not convert to a child bed. Either way, take her shopping for new bedding. Including your child in the process gives her a sense of control over the change. Include her to put the new bed together as well. Read books for your child to move from bed to bed. Read a book or a few books to him every day for a couple of days leading up to the “big” day to help him get used to the idea of ​​a big bed.

Set bed tent for toddler bed in her bedroom. Keep a crib for the first few nights if you think it will help her feel safe or remove it from space if she progresses better with an out-of-sight-out-of-mind strategy. Include some of his favorite things in bed to make the space feel more inviting and familiar to him. For example, his crib blanket, favorite toy, book or pillow can serve as a marker that makes him feel like the bed belongs to him. Create a nightly routine that revolves around the bed. Lie down with your child and read a book to her or sing for her as you did when you put her in her crib. If she has difficulty adjusting, let her move to the crib just before she falls asleep.

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