Airplane Toddler Bed and Bedding

Classic Themed Airplane Toddler Bed

Airplane toddler bed A good way to make the decoration of the children’s room is perfect is to choose as axis a theme that is passionate for the children who occupy it. These children’s rooms inspired by airplanes follow the trend of the theme rooms, which we have already talked about when we showed you ideas children’s rooms for pirates or the bedrooms for car enthusiast’s .The planes are always a topic that fascinates children, especially boys. That’s why we will show you ideas children’s bedrooms where everything revolves around aviation, and every detail is designed so that the little aviator feels inside to a fantastic adventure in his own room.

Do you want to know all the details of these rooms inspired by airplanes? This classic airplane toddler bed has its point of strength in the big plane that hangs from the ceiling. Note that in addition to the airplane and the pictures on the wall, there are no other details that speak of aviation, so if the interest in the subject diminishes with time, simply removing these two details the room will be neutral. This children’s bedroom with some vintage touches is perfect for a smaller child. We can see that wallpaper is also a good way to personalize the room.

We complete with some decorative accessories, and the aircraft room will be ready. Again the aircraft hanging from the ceiling are the key element, but we see that this room for children is more modern, thanks to furniture and accessories such as circular rugs. A nice detail to copy: the wall covered with newspaper. A classic airplane toddler bed can be personalized with few details: the bedding with drawings of airplanes, reproductions of old planes in the pictures and some small models on the furniture. Of course if you get the propellers like the ones seen on the back wall, the set will be perfect!

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