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Economic Ideas to Decorate Crib Toddler Bed

If you are looking for economic ideas to decorate a crib toddler bed, perhaps your own son, nephew or grandchild, here I propose a few truly original that you will love! You already know that there are many more options to decorate than we can find in any store. It is important that, if you do not have enough monetary power, do not be overwhelmed because there are many options to decorate a bedroom for children of what you can think, with little money and a lot of imagination!

Choose a wall and apply one or two coats of slate paint. Only with these your children will have a great canvas to draw and create their favorite characters. It can also help you teach and explain things to your children. With a white or colored chalk, you can add a small plastic table (very cheap) and a chair. So you can help them with math or any other subject. This corner is perfect for them to have fun and also for them to learn. You can also Use cardboard boxes, large and small, as containers to decorate crib toddler bed. They can be boxes of shoes, cereals or bigger as those of the electrical appliances.

You can also cover box with scraps of newspaper, magazine or gifts that you have, and even paint them with really flashy and showy spray paints. With a bit of white carpenter’s glue, reduced with water, you can cover them with all kinds of papers you have. Crib toddler bed with box will be beautiful and inside you can store toys, papers, pens, blankets, quilts or shoes … what fits! For closed boxes, especially if you have several similar ones, it is always good to opt for the labels that indicate what they contain. If you have everything well ordered, organized and labeled, your little ones will learn to be as meticulous with their things.

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