Baseball Toddler Bed Color

Fun Baseball Toddler Bed in Simple Decor

Baseball toddler bed – Many children love the sport of baseball, both as a spectator and as a player. If you have a child who loves sports, you can transform your bedroom into a baseball paradise you will love and your friends will envy. With your imagination and some ideas, you have everything you need to make your room a “hit”. Decorate your child’s room with your favorite baseball team or a combination of several teams. An overhead projector can be used to enlarge the images of baseballs, baseball players, balls, bats and gloves on the wall. Paint the images using acrylic paint to create a wall mural. Themed baseball wall stickers are also available at some sports and online stores.

For a simple look, cut out the top of the baseball toddler bed border, and paint the blue wall or the color of your child’s favorite team. Official MLB bedding is available online and at some home supply stores. Basic baseball bedding is also available for a simple look. Another idea is to use solid color bedding in colors of your child’s favorite team. For example, if you like Texas Rangers, use a red duvet and dark blue leaves. Decorate the bed with a variety of baseball cushions. Placing a band with your child’s favorite sports equipment on the end of the bed will provide added decoration.

For additional details, decorate the baseball toddler bed with rugs, blankets, trash cans, lamps and bookends. Posters, baseball team press clippings and T-shirts are great for placing on frames to hang on the walls. Spell your child’s name on the wall in wooden letters; however, painting the white letters with red stripes imitates the shape of a baseball before hanging up. Small work cabinets as well as bedside tables, and you can paint in colors of your child’s favorite team. On the other hand, do the same with full-size lockers, typing your last name and the surnames of your favorite players in the cupboards with paint pens.

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