How to Turn a Crib into a Toddler Bed Black

How to Turn a Crib into a Toddler Bed

How to turn a crib into a toddler bed – We begin to be overwhelmed with the fact that the good child leaves the diaper, the pacifier, eats without help and of course that he sleeps alone, because our baby is suddenly a child with a baby character who already has little. Talk, feel and think like the rest and start being an independent person that does not get carried away and imposes its criteria in all situations. So it’s time to get him out of the crib, or because he does not come in and sleeps half-cramped and is taking the position of it, or because he’s going to have a little brother and the crib is necessary for the baby that arrives or because we simply see him able to take the step and make this change that is so significant for everyone.

Sometimes these visual processes make us more aware of the growth of our children and there are those who tend to delay it as much as possible, because recognizing that our baby is becoming a child is sometimes expensive or difficult to assimilate. As every how to turn a crib into a toddler bed must be made gradually. I always recommend that when a baby is born, curlers are placed with blankets on the sides that contain it as when it was in the womb, since this physical restraint makes the baby is collected, safe and quiet and better reconciled dream.

These blankets can be left in the crib until the baby no longer needs them or even not remove them if we see that they help us at bedtime. How to turn a crib into a toddler bed? In turn we can buy a small barrier (ours is Ikea) that will serve as a stop so that it does not fall if it turns or moves a lot in the cradle, but it will not limit it going up and down autonomously. (Having put the curls of blankets from the beginning helps the child know his movement space in the crib and better perceive the space he has to sleep, making it easier to remove barriers later, as it always moves within the same site).

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