Kidkraft Princess Toddler Bed Design

Kidkraft Princess Toddler Bed Ideas

Kidkraft princess toddler bed – Most children spend more than half of their first year sleeping in a crib, so parents need to be extra careful when installing the crib to ensure it is absolutely certain. Although an individual can mount most cribs, with two people taking on the crib assembly task can make some of the steps easier. Most types of baby cots can be mounted in an hour or less.


Clear a space in the room where your kidkraft princess toddler bed will be placed. If necessary, you can mount a crib in another room and move it later. Keep in mind, however, some cribs may have difficult mounting through doorways after they have been fitted. Put a protective cover down if your floor is not matte. The finish on a crib can be scratched if it comes in contact with a rough surface that may occur during the assembly process. Read the instructions on the crib assembly.

There is no standard procedure for mounting a kidkraft princess toddler bed so it is important that you follow the instructions from the manufacturer of the specific crib you purchased. If, by chance, there are no instructions in the box or printed on the box, contact the manufacturer to order replacement instructions. Put all cribs on the floor. Check that your box contains all the parts needed to mount the crib by reading the list of items included in the instructions and identifying each part. Collect some tools, such as a screwdriver, which is required for cot mounting. Some cribs may not require tools. Follow each step in the crib assembly instructions for.

If you do not understand a step, ask someone to help interpret the instructions or call Manufacturer’s customer service. Check the crib for robustness when finished mounting it. If you shake it and some of the parts do not feel secure, locate the loose spaces and double-check the instructions for these areas. Adjust the crib height. Infants can sleep at the highest setting, making it easier for parents to reach the child. When a child can sit or stand up independently, the crib mattress must be lowered so that the rack comprises at least three quarters of Baby’s height.

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