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Montessori Toddler Bed: Really Witty!

Montessori toddler bed – The method of Maria Montessori, an Italian educator, proposes a way to educate children in which their rights are respected and given freedom to learn, at their own pace. This educational model is present in many kindergartens and elementary schools, and many parents have also begun to apply it in their homes. In fact, it can even be applied to the decoration of the nursery, since in this way the child is the protagonist of his own learning. In the Montessori Method it is not only important to educate with love and understanding, it is also fundamental to structure the learning environment. This educator was convinced that a simple and orderly environment, where everything is accessible to the child, is essential not to overwhelm the children and stimulate their desire to know.

Many parents fall into the error of overloading children’s rooms, so that so many furniture and things end up overwhelming the child. However, a montessori toddler bed must be characterized precisely by its clean and simple design. It is not about making the most of the space to place more furniture, but of leaving room for the child to play and really enjoy his room. Therefore, choose only furniture that is really essential. MarĂ­a Montessori thought that the educational environment should not perceptually burden children.

Therefore, although the colors of the nursery should be warm, it is important that they convey the feeling of tranquility and harmony. If you prefer, you can choose light and neutral colors. In fact, he considers that the use of color will also influence the child’s sleep quality. For example, it has been appreciated that children sleep worse in yellow rooms. In a room decorated according to the montessori toddler bed method, the ground takes on an unusual role. In fact, it is important that it be warm and safe so that the child can play or walk barefoot whenever he wants. A good idea is to place a large carpet, which provides warmth and cushion falls.

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