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Toddler travel bed – Having a travel bed is ideal to solve this problem. It does not matter what plan we do, if we are going to be in a hotel, in a rural house, in the town or in the home of some friends; in this way we always make sure that our baby will have an appropriate accommodation for their rest during the holidays. Aspects to consider when choosing the best toddler travel bed, many times the decision to buy a travel bed comes a little before the holidays start, and due to the rush is not usually taken into account some important aspects.

Here are some recommendations to consider. All toddler travel bed is characterized by being foldable and quite comfortable to transport. But there are some details to consider: Many models do not have wheels in their structure, while others have a pair of wheels. The utility that will provide us is that we can move it more easily within the room where you are. If we are going to choose a folding crib with two wheels, we should note that they have some braking system to prevent them from moving by them.

The measurements of this type of open cribs are very similar: 60 × 120 cm. In contrast to the weight we can find some variations. From those that have their metal structure where they usually weigh more than 10 kilos, to plastic models that are somewhat lighter. An important aspect that is rarely taken into account is to find out if the toddler travel bed garment is removable. Although it is rarely used, it does not mean that it cannot get dirty. If the fabric can be removed, then it will be much more comfortable to clean. Currently all brands already include a transport bag, this way it is much easier to handle the crib once folded.

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