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Paint the Structure of a Metal Toddler Bed with Spray Paint

Metal toddler bed – Knowing how to paint the skeleton of a metal bed is important when you want to remodel toddler bedroom with a new color scheme, repair damage or completely refurbish the structure of an old or recycled bed. With a couple of simple tools and some time and patience, repainting a bed frame is something anyone can do. Firstly, choose to spray the structure of your bed with the spray if the skeleton is already relatively in good condition. And needs a simple one-color paint, with no details such as engraved or embossed design on the structure.

Find a good place to paint. Unmount the metal toddler bed frame in as many pieces as you can. Wash the pieces of the structure with water card and dish soap, and dry them with a cloth. Scrape the entire surface with medium-grained sandpaper. Clean up any splinters of dust and rust or old paint from the area before starting to repaint. Rewind the structure with a close-fitting cloth (available at hardware stores) to remove any particles left by the sanding. Return the frame again with a soft, damp cloth. Order the pieces of the bed frame against your support (easel, wall, etc.). Spray a metal paint primer over the entire structure.

Paint the structure with spray color. Apply a second layer exactly like the first one. Pay attention to corners and decorated areas to make sure they do not hold too much paint or remain empty. Leave the structure to dry and apply a third coat if you want a smoother finish. Push the screws and bolts of the structure into a cardboard box. These with the heads on the surface, and paint with the spray so that the heads are the same color of the bed. Apply a transparent layer of fixative to the structure to ensure longer life, and let it dry. Reshape the metal toddler bed frame.

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