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Kimmie Cares Dolls
Each Kimmie Cares soft
cloth doll is 16-inches
tall. Her clothing is
removable and washable.
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How to explain any kind of cancer
to children with the Kimmie Cares
Doll and Book...
If anything could be worse than first hearing you have cancer, it might be trying to find a way to tell your children about it. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, your initial fears and anxieties are not what you want to convey to your children, but that can be difficult. Letting your children know that you have cancer, sharing your feelings, and listening to how they feel is probably the best way to tap into your family’s source of love and support. More...

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Partners for A Cure Foundation is dedicated to helping patients with all types of cancer, with their immediate financial needs. The Partners for a Cure Foundation is the non-profit organization responsible for the creation and production of the Kimmie Cares doll. All proceeds from the sale of the doll go directly to the Partners for a Cure Foundation where funds are distributed to patients in need across the entire country.
The Kimmie Cares doll and book were created by Kim Goebel, as she underwent treatment for her own cancer. It was her wish that women remain close to their families, to encourage the emotional support and reassurance that is needed to battle this disease. More...
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