Colored Floor Beds for Toddlers

Suitable Floor Beds for Toddlers

Floor beds for toddlers – In the post we raised their doubts about the practicality of these beds, and I think that is not alone in their reasoning, since the beds at ground level are a very modern and attractive option but not suitable for all public. When I became independent I swarmed through several rental apartments. In some I inherited a bed, in others I had to figure out how I could, and in the end I ended up buying a mattress that went with me from floor to floor, sometimes resting on that large bed frame called the floor, and sometimes resting on a suitable base.

Then I liked to sleep close to the floor, but of course, at that time the bones did not suffer easily, and getting up or lying on the bed was a matter of seconds. Let’s analyze the convenience of a floor beds for toddlers of this type according to different ages. Unthinkable. From birth to four years, it is convenient that children sleep in a high enough bed to be able to be attended by parents with comfort, which must also have adequate and safe protections. In that age the bed is not a place of free transit, especially in the first two years of life, and a bed on the floor would facilitate having the little ones out of control.

It can be an option to consider, and in fact, although there are not many, there are houses that propose this type of floor beds for toddlers as part of an imaginative decoration. The downside is the space, because having the bed so close to the floor is wasted a large storage space and the possibility of having extra beds, but for children it is probably tempting and fun to have a bed on the floor , a place in which at early ages they like to be, whether to play, watch a movie or chat.

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