Good Toddler Bunk Beds with Stairs

Toddler Bunk Beds with Stairs Ideas

Creating toddler bunk beds with stairs makes a device that is safer than using a ladder. The measurement and drawing structure will not be too difficult, but collecting bunk beds requires patience. All components must support the staircase and mattress platform for both beds, especially if unruly children or teens will sleep there. Be sure to use a wood-finish or paint colors that create the desired artistic result because this project will be the focal point of a bedroom.

Toddler bunk beds with stairs ideas, measure the mattresses you will use to start the basic frame design. Plan a double bed over a double bed or design a double bed over a full bed, for example. Buy a bunk bed building plan, as an option. Rain with a double mattress measures close to 3 1/2 meters wide by 6 1/2 meters long. Draw bed design by planning stairs leading up at one end that will measure 24 inches long with 1 foot between the stairs. Build the basic framework for using plywood as a platform under each mattress. Cut two boards, each 2 by 6 inches, with a circular saw. Make them 88 inches long, for example. Cut two plates, each 2 by 6 inches, that is 48 inches long as well. Do not make small corners because the corners will need bulk to strength.

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Then to make toddler bunk beds with stairs, assemble all four boards in a rectangle where the design will stand on its 2-inch sides. Bolt all corners with two bolts each. To construct an identical frame for the second twin bed in the bunk bed unit. Attach each rectangular box with four separate 1- by – 6-inch cross boards that are 44 inches long. Bridge longer two sides along with these shorter boards that need to be cut to fit into the framing box. Turn these connecting boards in place 3 inches down from the top and 3 inches up from the bottom. Cut 3/4 inch plywood to form a mattress platform. Mount the plywood to rest on crosswise boards.

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