Toddler Car Beds Style

Toddler Car Beds Style

Toddler car beds – A model of litter that will allow unfolding all the imagination of children inventing and being the protagonist of thousands of stories. It has been designed with an original form of bus and has all the accessories to make it real, from the wheels to the lanterns, mirrors, etc. The bunk is a very good option when you have a limited space but you need two beds, a very good alternative to share between siblings or have a space for when children invite a friend to sleep.

A corvette that has lights up. toddler car beds has lights that turn on, to make it much more real, in addition to very realistic vinyl’s, silver wheels and thousands of other details. The lights will turn off automatically after 15 minutes, preventing them from being lit all night, after the child has fallen asleep. Toddler car beds are a very durable and durable model, ideal for children over 2 years. Its measurements are: 246.4 centimeters long, 127 centimeters wide, 61 centimeters high.

Turn your child’s room into a dream place, where you can imagine thousands of adventures and adventures as a firefighter, one of the favorite professions of the little ones. The model of the bed reproduces every detail a fire truck. Its structure shows us the chassis of the vehicle, with all the devices for the hoses, the large side wheels and, even, the truck door. Another excellent alternative for children who enjoy having their own fire truck. Its structure is safe, solid and with a very careful decoration. Its measurements are 200 x 90 centimeters. A super cool reason for children to become true heroes when going to sleep. Toddler car beds with design have lanes on both edges of the bed, a very good security measure to prevent children from falling at night. It also has a special area in the front, a space for you to organize clothes and toys.

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