Toddler Truck Bed Frame

Toddler Truck Bed Ideas

Ideas for make toddler truck bed are we mark and cut all the pieces we need to build the structure of the truck. To carry out this work, we will use the jigsaw and a wood blade. Next, we indicate the housings for the pipes and we make the holes with the drill equipped with a bit-shovel of the same diameter as the dowels. As it is a piece of furniture for babies and children, we will round the edges well by passing the milling machine. There are many types of strawberries on the market, in different sizes and with different shapes; we are going to use a half-round strawberry.

Once we have cleaned the dust produced, we apply quality wood glue to the fenders, and put the pieces in position, pressing them to adhere well. Then, replace the bit with a suitable tip to screw and insert the lag screws. We can now remove the squads. We cover the head of the screws with some cover caps, self-adhesive, to get a good finish and strengthen the security in front of the kids. Then to make toddler truck bed, let’s gently smooth the surface, remove the dust produced and apply a sealer primer to cover the pore of the wood and facilitate the grip of the paint. We protect our hands with latex gloves.

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After the drying time indicated by the manufacturer, we give a water-based acrylic paint, in this case red, using a foam roller. While the product dries, insert the first wheel on the shaft and fix it with a washer and a screw. When the paint has dried, we present the wheels in their position and make the pilot holes. Apply an extra-strong adhesive on both the grid and the sirens and paste all the parts on the truck. Finally to make toddler truck bed, we attach the lamps to the structure with their corresponding coach screws. A fire truck for our son to sleep comfortably, in an environment full of magic. Also, you can enjoy your truck and live all the adventures that the imagination allows.

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