Toddler Trundle Bed Design

Toddler Trundle Bed Cover

A toddler trundle bed is a big room-saver, but a standard bedspread will pull on the floor when used on a trundle bed. The excess length can catch the wheels as you push the wheel under the bed, rip the fabric and damage the wheels. Make a standard quilted bed blanket for a trundle cover by shortening it and adding mounted corners. The spread will have a nice look when it is pushed under the bed. Measure the length, width and depth of the Trill mattress. Calculate the length of the cover by adding the depth of the mattress to the length of the mattress and add an inch. Measurement from the top edge cut down the bottom of the blanket to get this length. The finished top edge of the blanket will be the top edge of the trunk cover.

Then to make toddler trundle bed cover, calculate width for spreading by adding width to the mattress plus twice the depth and two extra inches. Cut the bed blanket this width. Center bed blanket, wrong side up, mattress with the finished top edge even with the top edge of the mattress and all sides hanging evenly. Smooth down the sides and the bottom of the blanket all the way to corners, so that a triangular patch protrudes on each of the lower corners. Keep this flap in place by fastening alongside corners of the mattress. Be careful not to catch mattress fabric in your legs.

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Remove the bed cloth and sew along the legs to make a mounted corner of the turn-on spread. Remove the legs as you sew. Cut off the excess fabric in the corners, leaving a 1/2 inch seam. Finally seams zigzag sewing in seams. Sew seam binding along the edge of the cover on both sides and the end. Fold under 1 inch at each end of the tie for a finished look. Turn the cover to the right side and place it on the toddler trundle bed.

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