White Toddler Bed Frame

White Toddler Bed Style

Buying white toddler bed can be a bit expensive. Also, as tastes change, they tend to last a few years. Thinking about that we have some projects or ideas to make beds for children. The idea is to continue with this idea of ​​fun furniture, but at the same time not so expensive, and if tomorrow you want to go back to the basic bed, there is no problem. White toddler bed with secret hideaway, if you already have the bed with space below which usually works as a desk you can give it new life by turning it into a secret hiding place. You only have to put a cloth as a curtain, and complement it with a rug and cushions

White toddler bed in the shape of a house, with some sticks or wood slats, forms the structure of a house, considering the length and width of your child’s bed. When you do not like it anymore, you withdraw them and that’s it. The fun of this option is that you can transform the house if you add fabrics, lights or paint the structure.

White toddler bed with climbing bumpers. For those who have cabin and children who like adventure, this is the ideal DIY. In mountain tents they sell these climbing tops, which can be screwed to a wooden board and attached to the bed frame. Guaranteed fun. Rabbit white toddler bed, very similar to the option of the mountains, but this time make some cuts with ears and draw eyes, nose and whiskers to create a cute rabbit. Children’s bed in the shape of a tent or tepee. Board four wooden sticks on the bed. Tie a piece of cloth to them and make a tepee. Do you dare with any of these ideas? What do you think will be your child’s favorite?

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